Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Break!

The last days of classes are upon us - and, with them, the end of regular chaplaincy services and office hours at UBC. I believe there will still be some informal get-togethers during the Nativity Fast and the Christmas/Theophany season (which will be announced here or by word-of-mouth), but our regular Tuesday evening services and studies at St. Mark's chapel are at an end for now until classes resume in January. Similarly, I am available for office hours by special appointment, and can meet either out at UBC or at any other mutually agreeable location, but I will not be keeping regular office hours at UBC until classes resume in January.

May God grant you all good success in your studies and final exams, and a safe and blessed fast and feast!

Love in Christ,

Fr. Justin.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Third Holy Cross Chaplaincy Service Tonight (Tuesday) at 7pm

Just a quick reminder that the third Holy Cross Chaplaincy service will be held at St. Mark's chapel at 7pm tonight (Tuesday, October 7th), followed by a time of fellowship and discussion in Plato's Cave.

Also, two items of business:
  1. Many thanks to those who donated to the chaplaincy to cover the UBC Chaplain's Association fee. We should soon be able to have an Orthodox Christian listing on the UBC Chaplaincy pages again - and hopefully I'll have a place to hold my office hours too.

  2. I've added a few more addresses to the list of those who get these news bulletins. If you know of anyone whose address I should add, or if you would prefer to have your e-mail address removed from this list, please let me know at frjustin{at} (replace "{at}" with "@").


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